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Objective :

To help the international scientific influence of Ile-de-France research and to encourage scientific exchanges between international research teams by financing equipment that can be shared



    Public research and higher education establishments.
    Any private or semi-public non-profit training and research organization: grandes écoles, foundations or associations, learned societies, international organizations, others...


Eligibility criteria

    The funding allocated by the Ile de France Region will be equal to a maximum of 66% of the total budget excluding VAT, which may be up to €1.4 million and allow the purchase of equipment of a unit amount up to €2.1 million. It will be a minimum of 50k€ in the framework of this call for tender. (Important: investment requests for projects in the social sciences may be financed at 100% by the region up to an amount of 200 k€)
    Projects that have been the subject of an application/funding within the framework of SESAME, a Genopole program or another funding agency, or a competitive cluster, are not eligible for this call for proposals.
    Expenditure on subsidized equipment must be incurred before December 31, 2023


Assessment procedures:

    Applications may be appraised by experts from outside the One Health 2.0 IMG Scientific Advisory Board
    For applications of more than 200.000 €, the applicant will be asked to present his project to the scientific council of the DIM-1HEALTH 2.0

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